Who is Muhammad?

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Who is Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger of Islam, who the Quran states was sent as a ‘mercy for humanity’. (reference?)

Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 in the city of Mecca, Arabia. He went through life as an orphan, a shepherd, and as a businessman, and was known for his integrity, compassion and honesty. He grew up witnessing the pagan Arab ruling elite oppress the vulnerable and promote an unjust tribal system.

He often retreated to a cave on the outskirts of the city to reflect on the purpose of life, and it was here, in the year 610, that he experienced the first divine revelation which marked the beginning of his prophecy.

The Prophet’s mission was to strive for ethical ideals and honourable character; to bring people back to the worship of One God; and to tackle imbalance and injustice in society.

He urged people to care for orphans and the elderly, for the poor and vulnerable, and to be of benefit to others. He said: “The most beloved to God are those who are most beneficial to people.” He also called for compassion towards all creatures and respect for the earth. He encouraged the giving of charity, striving for justice and living in peace.

Prophet Muhammad left a huge impact and legacy: the small group of Muslims he began to lead in seventh century Arabia has now grown to a global community of 1.9 billion – a fifth of the world’s population. Muslims continue to emulate his teachings and follow his example in pursuing ethical and moral consciousness.